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Interior Decoration by Vastu Shastra
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We offer our services to decorate your house or offices or any desired residential or commercial place by the outlook of vastu shastra ( knowledge).

Look beautiful or show beautiful is a basic instincts of human being, whether it is a matter of it self or his house or car or else he always intend to show beautiful all these things. Generally people take meaning of interior decoration for colors of wall and roof, type and shape of furniture, showpieces, statues, water fountains, pictures, hangings, and other related stuffs.

But when we think about interior decorations by the out look of vastu knowledge than thought are change, on that time we found some logic and ethic about how to applying colors, placement of furniture, show pieces, water related article, and get a pleased atmosphere and refreshed our mentally and physical energy.

Than why not we use aforesaid things in a different manner? We co-ordinate all stuff like colors, furniture, showpiece and other related stuff with the five elements of nature ( earth, water, fire, air, space) with natural forces (magnetic, solar, gravitational) as well as in decoration. This technique help us in our daily activity and refresh our mental and physical energy.

You have to pay attention towards some points when u decorate your house. Situation of your house by latitude and longitude Type of room and features of concern room and their nature of work.
- Which color fascinated to deity and lord of concern direction and work of room
- Which color support and which color create problem
- Type and shape of furniture and wood as well as in other martial
- What kind of pictures, scenery, and nature of it.
- Show pieces and other related stuffs
- Placement of water related article
- Statues of lord and other statues

If even u do mistake in the setup and placement of above mention things you should face problems in your daily activity , because each thing and article has its nature and features like water, wood, statue, statue of lord etc.

Wrong placement of any aforesaid things and wrong color scheme is one of the reason that's why environmental problems come, therefore you decorate your home but after becoming the familiar with this knowledge, so that you get maximum benefit from your decoration and get pleased atmosphere as well as refresh your mental and physical energy.

Our services available to decorate your places
In residential: for all flats, bungalow , havale, kothe, other resides place
In commercial: Offices, Shops, Show room, Hotels, Fast food center, Clinic, cinema Hall, Club, School, factory, heavy industry, mills.
In religious: All kind of .Prey houses:-,.,spiritual institutions

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