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Karm-Kaand Worship

We follow the way of shukel yajurveda, madhyendini shakha for all below said worship purpose.

Worship for Occasions
Like worship of markeyndeya rishi on birth day, engagement, marriage, marriage anniversary, for upneyan sanskar, etc etc

Worship for Shanti
Mool shanty, gerha shanti, malefic dasha shanty, vastu shanti etc etc

Worship for Astrological Problems
Manglik yoga, sade shati transit, bad combinations of planets, delay marriage, kumbh vivha, aerk viveha etc etc

Worship for Lord
Worship for Lords and Deities as per wish Worship of lord ganesh ji Worship of lord Vishnu, Worship of lord Meha Laxmi ji,, Worship of lord Sareswati ji Worship of lord Varun Worship of lord kuber Worship of lord Worship of lord Lord shiva ji

Worship of Navgerha :- sun, moon, mercury, jupiter, venus, saturn, rahu, ketu
Worship in some critical conditions :- Mehamertunjeya jap, Tuladaan , Gaudaan

Vastu worship and Vastu Shanti worship
  1. Worship for shilnyas:- at the time of starting constructions
  2. Worship for vastu shanti worship :- after finish the constructions to remove all kind of vastu doshas presents in land, its layouts, its structures,its interior arrangements, and other devine and invisible vastu doshas
  3. Worship of mahurat inogration :- inogration of house, shop, office, industry or any kind of establishmnets

Worship for Desire Works
For genral prosperity for health ,for wealth, for child, for down the enemy, for win in litigations,

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