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Recorded and prevalent yantras
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Shri Yantra
Hindu 'Shastras' designate this yantra as the most important one as it has a powerful effect on the attainment of power, authority and financial success. It also bestows popularity on those as who are in power such as kings, political leaders and officers.

Kali Yantra
Kali yantra or Dakhina Kalika Maha Yantra bestows on the sadhaka the fulfilment of desires, wealth and the comforts of life. This yantra is required to take care of the harmful effects of Saturn, which is usually responsible for misfortunes, sufferings and sorrows in human life. This yantra is prepared and used at a time when Saturn has the most beneficial effect on Earth. When worn, this yantra is the surest remedy against chronic diseases like blood pressure, paralysis and nervous disorders. It has the occult power of protecting the wearer from evil forces such as Bhuta, Preta, Pisacha, Kala Parusha and Brahma Rakshyasas.

Any person wearing this yantra is protected against planetary malevolence, as well as from accidents, misfortunes and dangers. Since Saturn is the planet for longevity it has the additional benefit of bestowing long life on the person who keeps this yantra on his body.

Bagalamukhi Yantra
This is a highly effective yantra prepared at a particular time when the maximum power is generated from the planet Mars. It is useful for Stamban, Mohan, Vashi Karan and Uchattan aspects of Tantrik Vidya. It is effective as a means of achieving success in competitive examinations and to attain victory over one's adversaries, especially during law suits. This yantra also offers protection for cuts, scars, operations and accidents.

Shri Bhairon Yantra
This yantra should be written according to prescribed directions and one thousand mantras should be chanted for forty-one days. The mantras of Bhairon are contained in "Kavich Path". The Sadhaka is bestowed with good luck and the fulfilment of all his desires. It is effective for Vashi Karan, Maran and for the removal of poverty. This sadhana is particularly useful during the present Kaliyug.

Saraswati Yantra
Saraswati bestows intellect, intelligence and is the patron goddess of learning and music. For those who are dull-witted and have suffered breaks in their education, and for those who are suffering from the bad effects of a malefic Jupiter, this occult yantra sharpens the intellect, ensures in studies and high achievement in competitive examinations.

This yantra is a sure remedy for all mental disorders, weak intellectual growth and lunacy. Those wearing this yantra must avoid meat, fish and sexual relations on Thursdays.

Shri Ganesh Yantra
Before understanding any new venture, it is necessary to perform a Ganesh Puja in order to ensure the successful completion of one's objectives. The 'upasana' and puja of Ganapati is essential and may be performed through the worship of an image, a photo or a yantra. The swastik is the sign of Lord Ganesh. The Yantra can be made on Booj, Patra, Gold, Silver or Copperrr.

The sadhaka will be blessed with the fulfilment of his desires, and the achievement of his goals of securing wealth, power and authority.

Mrit Sanjivani Yantra
This yantra offers protection from all diseases and like the Maha Mrintanje yantra it bestows the 'sadhaka' with wealth, good fortune, fame and happiness.

Mangal Yantra
The Mangal Yantra is in the shape of a triangle and is embossed or engraved on copper plate. It is composed of 21 sub-triangles enclosed by a big triangle. In each triangle, the different names of the lord Mangal are inscribed.

This yantra is very powerful and gives quick results. It frees the sadhaka from debts and cures blood pressure and rash temper. It also offers protection from accidents, cuts and wounds and enables the sadhaka to recover speedily from operations. In the case of severe diseases, the yantra should be worshipped on a daily basis starting from a Tuesday.

Nava Graha Yantras
Whenever a particular planet, or planets in a horoscope are positioned in a way that results in harm or retards the individual's health, prosperity and peace of mind, one should put a yantra of the planet.

The Yantra should be placed before Graha Shanti Vidhan with 'home jap' and 'puja'. After purification, sadhana and prana pratishta the yantra may be placed either in gold, silver, copper or ashat dhatu talisman and worn around the neck or arm, with an appropriate metal for each planet.

Karia Siddhi Yantra
These yantras ensure the individual's well-being and success in life. After performing yantra puja, the yantra should be hung in the house at a prominent place or in the temple. The sadhaka will thus be blessed with success in all his endeavours.

Vashi Karan Yantras
The yantra is used for winning over the affections of one's lover. The yantra should be carved on gold, silver stainless steel or copper. The yantra must be worshipped by the sadhaka while facing the North. The yantra should be worn around the neck or kept on one's body.

Whenever the yantra moves due to the breeze, one's lover will increasingly yearn to be with the beloved. It should be buried in the desert.

Pandhara Yantra
Denotes a yantra which can be used to bring about cordial relations between husband and wife when there is discord between them. The yantra should be tied around the arm or either husband or wife.

Which is very effective for Vashi Karan. The yantra should be written on Bhoj Patra with lac water, turmeric and manjith. Replace the work "Sham" given in the yantra with the name of the lady or man who has to be brought within one's control. Yantra puja is to be performed by collecting the dust from under the feet of the concerned person and an idol of dust must be made. The yantra should then be kept in a secret place near the idol. Success is assured in gaining the affections of the concerned man or woman.

Which success is assured in attracting the love of a person of the opposite sex.

Shanti Karan Yantra
Shanti Karan Yantras include the cures of diseases and warding off the evil influences of planets, the evil eye and spirits. These are also known as 'Pacification Yantras'.

Stambhan means immobilisation or to STOP the enemy's speech or back biting. The persons who oppose may be woman or a man, officers or Ministers etc., wishing for your downfall. They can be stopped from doing evil and bringing harm through the following yantras.

Videshan Yantra
Videshan means creating differences between two or more persons. This is used when persons are harming you and do not come around in spite of all efforts, or they are beyond control.

Through yantras, you can create misunderstanding and quarrels between two or more persons. Our shastras allow us to create differences between husband and wife, two friends or brother only in self-defence.

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