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Vastu Interior Arrangements Services
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By the outlook of vastu knowledge we suggest how to do interior arrangement of your home, building and room, in all branches of vastu, for your home or office or any desired residential or commercial place.

Interior arrangement service in two category interior arrangement of building like main switch board, route of the wires, water tank, water pipelines, under ground water boring, septic tank, etc.

Interior arrangement of room:-
we do interior arrangement of room according to nature and features of room like position and directions of furniture or require things, goods, article in concerned room.

Like placement and direction of bed in bed room, gas stove, fridge, oven in kitchen, bath tab and geeger, water tub, in bathroom, dinning table, study table, sofa set, telivision, music system and all things which we use in our daily activity, we have to know about the appropriate direction and and placement of aforesaid things.

As well as in the office, at where a head person of office would sit? Sitting arrangement of clients, place for ready goods, how to make the cabins according to seniority of senior persons, location of conference room, etc As well as in all commercial ctg.

We do interior arrangement in all category of vastu

In residential vastu:
Whether it is house, flates, bungalow , havale, kothe, farm house and any other resides place in residential vastu category.

In commercial vastu field: we do interior arrangement of Offices, Shops, Show room, Hotels, Resorts, Guest houses, Hostels, Fast food center, hospitals, Nursing home, Clinic, Cinema Hall, Club, School, college, factory, heavy industry, mills.

In religious vastu field: All kind of .Prey houses:- temples, gurudewara, churches.,spiritual institutions ,public place & rest houses, holly pounds and well and water tanks, religious and spiritual education institutions.

Why does interior arrangement necessary with vastu rules?
Each work has its nature as well as features, directions and own 'Deity'. Whether it is a room of domestic vastu like bed room, dinning room, and arrangement of water tank or electric bord and other related stuffs. and in the field of commercial vastu like offices, factories, shops, showrooms, industries and in spiritual vastu, temples, pounds, rest houses. They all have their own nature and feature. If interior arrangements are according to nature and feature of work then concerned activities will go without any hindrance If arrangements are contrary to vastu provision then native may face problems and hindrance in concern work.

Example: in the bedroom, if direction of bed in north side than We can not take proper sleep in the same manner in kitchen the placement of gas stove and other fire related activities in north west side create problem in Kitchen and maximum chances of fire breaks.

Therefore whether it is a vastu or commercial or spiritual, interior arrangement are done according to nature and feature of vastu rules gives maximum benefits.

Example: Vastu knowledge prefer south direction for the face of bed cause Yum is the Lord of South direction in the bed room who gives piece and rest. As well as direction of bed in north-west direction is good for enjoy for the new married couple, cause 'Venus' is the lord of this direction. He signifies, sex, romance and marital activities.

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