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What is a Gem?
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Gems: Gems means superior. This is the symbol of superior due to the impassion the Gems mean some special appearance effect, stability, beautiful and some special size and shape contained in the stone. Since early times Gems is available in each parts of the world and maintain attention of human beings. These can be used not only for making jewelry but solved the problem of daily life. Gems contains divine powers. The rays comes from the planet and filter by the gems obtain vibration to human body. It is well equipped to destroy the diseases. In ayurvedha used in the shape of Bhasma.

In the oldest granth choly the ratan are mention many times. Like this other regional and historical granth are also gives some useful knowledge of gems which tells the good and bad effect clearly. In gems some one are very costly and some are cheaper. Gems are obtained by three methods.

Gems are beautiful stones with a large variety of colours and high density. Their lustre has been a source of attraction for the people since time immemorial. These precious stones are found almost in all parts of the world. Gem stones are not only beautiful and attractive to look at, tey are also useful for health, longevity, fame and prosperity. ancient kings and princes stored gem-stones to add to the wealth of their treasury. Noble ladies were fond of Gems to adorn their bodies. They got gem stones set in their jewellery and wore them with a great pride. Possessers and weares of gem stones noticed strange effects of them with the passage of time. Some issueless ladies might have been blesed with a lovely son after wearing a particular gem-stone. Some patient might have got rid of some nasty disease when he wore or possessed a certain gem-stone. Such observations resulted in the faith in auspicious and inauspicious effects of wearing gem stones. Experiments proved most of the hypothesis correct. It encouuraged the sstudy of the Gems which developed a systematic and perfect science of Gemmology in due ciurse of time.

1. Biological Process
2. Chemical Process
3. Natural Process

(1) Biological Process
These gems are obtained by the process of animals. The two gems of Nav Gems are obtained by the Biological process in the deep of sea pearls and coral. This process very slow and took place in a long period of time.

(2) By Chemical Process
In this process the atoms of sand are combined with each other due to chemical reaction. In the bottom of mountain the smaller atoms combines due to organic process and covert into costly stone.

Due to this some gems are found in caves, in grounds and bank of the rivers and can be written in the form of formula e.g. Ruby, emerald.

(3) Natural Process
Sime gems which are different from the passan. These are obtained from the tree and plants but due to its special and rare and outstanding quality have tendency to beat easily gems and used in the holy process.

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