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Yantra for desired works
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1. For the Protection of a Child.
A child who suffers from fever, "evil eye", weak health teething troubles and one who is stubborn should be protected by the Yantra.

2. To Win in Gambling
On Sunday in Pusy Nakshastra bring the root of Aapamarg (Chirchitta) plant with Ashat Gand and with a pen of the chameli plant, write the yantra shown in Fig. 3.2 on Bhooj Patra, stainless steel or copper. The Yantra should be wrapped in the root of Aapamarg.

3. To Win Law Suits
When a man is involved in law suits or quarrels or enmity with anybody or in those cases in which the promotion of a person is held up, this yantra should be written on Tuesday with Ashat Gand on Bhooj Patra and worn around the neck. It will yield success.

4. To Get Relief From Debt
The yantra should be kept on the person or put around the neck, so that the person becomes able to pay his debts.

5. Gauri Shankar Yantra
This is the most powerful yantra for success in achieving all desires, comforts and acquiring worldly objects.

6. For Birth of Son
This yantra is very effective and TESTED yantra which is very useful for ensuring the birth of a son.

7. For Barren Ladies
This too is tested yantra. If a barren woman or a lady whose conception has been delayed recites this yantra ten thousand times she will become pregnant. If she ties this yantra around her waist and performs intercourse, she will be blessed with pregnancy and a son. If a man recites this yantra as above, all his desires will be fulfilled.

8. For Increasing Sale in Business
A very widely TESTED Yantra in shops, offices and in factories etc. where the business was not up to the owner's expectations.

9. To Prevent Abortions
When a lady faces continuous abortions and desires the birth of a child, either of the yantras must be used. The yantra tied around the waist of a lady after pregnancy. The tendency to have miscarriages will stop.

10. To Stop the Drinking Habit
When a man is in the habit of drinking and becomes a problem to his family and requires to be controlled, this yantra can be used. Put the talisman around his neck. He will leave the habit of drinking. This yantra is also useful to eradicate poverty.

11. To Find Match for a Girl
When the marriage of a girl is delayed the yantra must be used. This yantra should be read by the girl 21 times. Her marriage will be fixed with a good boy and she will have good children.

12. Mahalakshami or Kamala Yantra
This yantra is very powerful and effective as the worship of Goddess Lakshami. This Yantra brings good fortune and prosperity. All desires are fulfilled by uttering the Mantra of this goddess.

13. Mahamritanje Yantra
The Upasana of Lord Mahamritanje SHIVA is most auspicious and bestows the devotee with health, wealth and happiness, good fortune and fame. This yantra particularly relieves one from all dreadful diseases. This Yantra can then we worn as directed for Shri Yantra. The Yantra dispels all sorts of fears, influence of evil planets, fear of ghosts, accidental death, diseases etc.

14. Winning Over Enemies
This yantra has also been tested by the author. It has a remarkable effect for winning over enemies.

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